Cannabis producer caught… stealing cake

The gluttony of this Quinta-Fonsegrivois played a cruel joke on him. And in the end, this is a strange case that the soldiers of the Balma gendarmerie brigade community had to face. First, Captain Christophe Duval’s men are called out for violently stealing a chocolate eclair from a bakery in Queen Fonsegrives. The gendarmes arrived in time to arrest a man who, without hesitation, brutally attacked the saleswoman in order to steal a cake from her. Referral of the too greedy criminal to the gendarmerie of Balma, where he is immediately placed in police custody. But the story doesn’t end there… In the second stage, the municipal police of Quint-Fonsegrivs go to the thief’s house to check in connection with the Balmanays gendarmes. This visit will be interesting. At the scene, the police discover a plantation of about ten cannabis plants, as well as everything needed to grow these illegal plants indoors. Eventually the young bushes and growing equipment were found by the gendarmes and immediately destroyed. For two of his offenses, a man who is addicted to smoking and baking will have to answer in court.

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