Cannon Dancer announced for PlayStation, Switch and Xbox

Cannon Dancer (also known as Osman in the US) was released for arcades in 1996 and developed by the Mitchell Corporation, which included many members of the Capcom Strider team.

It’s a game in the same vein as Strider, which means a lot of action and platforming, and an emphasis on melee rather than shooting. Now announced for PlayStation, Switch and Xbox, and expected to release in Q1 2023. If you like retro action and stunning pixels, this is definitely for you, check out the console trailer below, as well as the official synopsis below.

Kannon Dancer
Kannon DancerKannon Dancer
Kannon DancerKannon Dancer
Kannon DancerKannon Dancer

Cannon Dancer is an action game set in a late 21st century dystopia where the world is under the control of one federal government. One day, a new threat appears, known as “Abdullah the Slaver” – an evil witch who wants to take over the world, causing everyone’s horror and panic. This fear provokes the abandonment of all economic activity and corruption in the government, which now undermines the foundations of society itself. Legal Director Jack Layson fears the worst and calls in a lone assassin.

The player controls a cannon-wielding Kirin; a first class agent in the mercenary unit known as the “Teks” and a highly skilled martial artist. During his journey, he has to deal not only with Abdullah the Slaver and the government forces, but also with other Teka members who want him dead for personal reasons.

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