Capcom Battle Collection Preview

Capcom is about to pull the best collection of old games out of its closet. This time we have really more discreet names, even unknown to us. Capcom Fighting Collection offers us at least 10 games in its collection. Be careful, still calm your ardor, because we find there “three” Darkstalker and their multiple variants with confusing and modified names between countries. In fact, we have before us a collection of 7 “real” games.

Thus, the collection includes the “troika” Darkstalker (as mentioned above), Hyper Street Fighter 2 – The Anniversary Edition (as usual), Puzzle Fighter 2 and Super Gem Fighter. Finally, Cyberbots and Red Earth, which were never released in France.

If Cyberbots intrigues with its mechanics without necessarily going beyond the controller in hand, Red Earth is a mystery to yours truly today. I intend to take the time to understand the quest mode gameplay mechanics of this strange game (unless it’s a very bland game). Heck, I’m a big fan of Puzzle Fighter and Super Gem Fighter. Finally being able to play it again and think about participating in many online games already gives me great pleasure.

Because we haven’t been able to try the online mode yet. Preview claims, there weren’t many people hooked up to the game “Tetris Hadoken” or even Vampire Savior. Therefore, for the moment, we will not position ourselves regarding the correct functionality of the online mode and will provide you with more information on this subject in our full review. Keep in mind, though, that the title promises practice mode, quick saves, lobbies (friendly and secret) and, above all, the sacred rollback network code. In short, very beautiful things, if, however, there is success to fill the queues of online players.

Visually, CFC does the bare minimum. Seven cathode ray television rendering filters or arcade terminals (very anecdotal to some), 4:3 aspect ratio that can be enlarged to fill empty space, or embellished with illustrations relevant to the running game. It is present, correct, but nothing revolutionary. The game is stable on PC, and that’s the most important thing we want from a port like this.

Note that the title has a museum containing many illustrations and music from all licenses present in this collection – a small jukebox for sci-fi or Darkstalker fans. However, we regret the studio’s omission by not adding Capcom Fighting Jam to fill this collection perfectly.

We’ll be waiting for the official release of this Capcom collection to give you our appreciation with the review that follows. But the conclusion is likely to be summed up perfectly in this preview. Capcom Fighting Collection will be a return to the past for some, and a real discovery for others, as it contains little-known or not “officially” known games on our side of the Atlantic. Everyone can find their nugget there if you’re receptive to a big pixel that gets dirty.

Again, the Darkstalker review reminds us how much this license deserves to be featured in the Capcom news again (but name names!). We hope that in addition to being a collection for fans, this Capcom Fighting Collection can be a call from the studio to see if Demitri, Morrigan, Felicia and company will return to us newer than ever. It’s up to you to tip the scales…

So far, the Capcom Fighting Collection is expected on June 24 in a dematerialized version on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.

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