Capitale-Nationale has over a million doses of vaccine.

La Capitale-Nationale continues to do well in terms of vaccination. The region has passed the milestone of one million doses administered on Sunday and will soon see all age groups other than 75% receive the first dose.

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These are two important brands for the Quebec City region, where the very first vaccine in the country was introduced on December 14.

The millionth dose was injected this Sunday at the end of the day, CIUSSS said. As of Tuesday, 1,012,051 doses had been administered in Capitale-Nationale, nearly 10% of the province’s total.

“This is a symbolic step that proves that we have managed to solve a very important problem in the field of health and logistics, unprecedented in history,” – said on Tuesday, Deputy Director of the vaccination campaign Isabelle Beaulieu.

Capitale-Nationale has over a million doses of vaccine.

According to the latest data, 68% of the population aged 12 and over in the region received two doses, higher than the Quebec average of 63%.

75% in all age groups

Another feat – overcoming the milestone of 75% among 18-30 year olds – will be achieved in the near future. There are still 371 people in this age group left to vaccinate to meet the stated goal: it is a matter of days, according to public health data.

“We are in the process [l’atteindre]”, – explains Isabelle Beaulieu. “We still have hundreds of first doses every day, so I aim to get it done by the end of the week or the beginning of the next.”

Achieving this goal will be particularly satisfying for the leadership of the vaccination campaign, which was to develop a package of alternative initiatives to reach this age group. Vaccin-O-Bus, mobile teams in parks, priority service corridor at Laval University – all to reach young people.

And that famous 75% cap will make Capitale-Nationale the first region in which all of its age groups reach the target set by the government.

“La Capitale-Nationale is doing an excellent job,” said provincial vaccination campaign director Daniel Pare, who was passing through Quebec.

Capitale-Nationale has over a million doses of vaccine.

Enough doses for everyone

The latter also reacted to the departure of Justin Trudeau, who confirmed on Tuesday morning that Canada had received 66 million vaccines, which is enough to adequately vaccinate the entire population.

“It is great news to receive such doses of vaccines. Since December, we have dreamed of having enough doses to vaccinate the vast majority of Quebec people, ”said the provincial director of vaccination.

Regarding the issue of keeping these massive supplies of vaccines at a time when the campaign is slowing down as the population receives their doses, Daniel Pare is reassuring.

“The good news is that we have freezers and the shelf life is very long,” adds the manager, clarifying that the campaign is far from over and that several more people are yet to be vaccinated.


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