Capsule Corp Labs, NFT Companion for Companies

Published on September 14, 2022, 9:00 amUpdated September 14, 2022 9:07 AM.

“NFT is the digital format of tomorrow. They are to the future of the Internet what PDFs are today,” says Clement Teki, CEO of Capsule Corp Labs and co-founder of the Ternoa blockchain. Launched in March 2022, the project has just completed a €7.3M funding round, including €4.8M in equity from Omnes Capital, specialist funds (REVAM and Digital Finance Group) and French ecosystem angels web3. The operation culminates in a token sale from Ternoa, the parent company of Capsule Corp Labs, for 2.4 million euros.

Capsule Corp Labs is positioned in the utilitarian NFT segment to differentiate itself from collectible NFTs like Bored Ape yacht club monkeys or CryptoKitties cats that helped popularize this blockchain-based technology.

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