Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions: The anime reboot was a good opportunity

For fans of virtual football, the end of summer rhymes with the return of FIFA and eFootball PES, the two behemoths of the genre. But this year, from the end of August, Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions will come to our salons and offer an alternative that is more arcade, but has popularity that is hardly questionable. We were able to speak with its producer Tsuzuki Katsuaki, who taught us some new information on the next title developed by his team.

Before its recent passages on iOS and Android, the series of Captain Tsubasa had not known the honors of an adaptation on consoles since the release of Captain Tsubasa: New Kick Off on Nintendo DS in 2010. A decade is a long time , but for its producer, this return seemed obvious:

As Captain Tsubasa is one of the most iconic franchises in recent decades, we have had a lot of requests from fans all over the world to bring it back into video games. The reboot of the animated series last year was also a good opportunity for us.

The other evidence was the approach that the Tamsoft team was going to be able to take for this new adaptation. The first objective of the team in creating this game “Was to make it attractive to a large audience, like football fans and manga aficionados”, which partly explains the choice of a more arcade approach, as well as the fact that it adapted better to the multiplayer experience envisaged by the developers. However, these are not the only explanations. From his vision of football, the series had to lean more on the side of the arcade than the simulation, which would “Probably not worked well with the Tsubasa universe” by the very admission of its producer:

A match preview on Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

It would have been very hard to reproduce the tiger shooting or the acrobatics of the Tachibana twins in a simulation! There have been a lot of iterations during the development of the game, but we are really happy with the direction taken.

Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions:

One of the most noticeable points when we got started with the game many months ago, was the desire to offer a visual rendering as faithful as possible to the anime. A bias more difficult to borrow than it seems, since it involves find the delicate balance between playing pleasure and fidelity in terms of visual rendering. For this, the studio relied on the introduction of “short animated scenes for some of the most emblematic actions, of the kind that you usually see in combat or action games”, with the objective of ” offer a “Made authentic” to each of these movements. But he also had to play a constant balancing act, as Tsuzuki Katsuaki explains to us through a few examples:

Goalkeeper Wakabayashi has a reputation for not conceding goals outside the penalty area, but as you can imagine it could completely destroy the balance of the game. Another example would come from the overkill of some characters in original material, like Tsubasa or Kojiro to name a few. We had to adapt our game system to resolve these issues and make other players relevant during a match.

Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions:

Despite an “arcade” approach, don’t expect to get too far out of the shackles of football revisited in Captain Tsubasa sauce. Asked about the subject, its producer has confirmed to us that if you can change some basic rules (duration of the match, stadium, appearance of the ball), you will not find “Nothing outside the framework of traditional football rules”. There are also no mini-games per se outside of the training system allowing you to better understand the basic controls of the game, even if Tsuzuki Katsuaki considers that certain actions of the game can be “considered as as such, such as penalties or aerial confrontations ”.

However, there will be more than just matches to follow in this new opus, with the presence of a scripted mode called “Episode: New Hero”, which will allow you to create your own player and hope to make him reach the status of football star in the Captain Tsubasa universe:

We chose to implement this style of story mode from the start of the project. We know that most Tsubasa fans, including me, dream of being a star player like Tsubasa or Kojiro! This is the goal of Episode: New Hero. Players will have to modify their own avatar (appearance, position, uniform, etc.) and choose one of the 3 available schools (Furano Middle School, Musashi Middle School and Toho Academy). They can improve their avatar’s abilities by playing matches and learn new skills by deepening their friendship with their comrades.

A first glimpse of the creation mode of “Episode: New Hero”

Some elements of the story are also likely to vary depending on the choice of school you make, and you will have the opportunity to follow the destiny of your character from your beginnings in the school concerned until the world junior championship . It will not be the only playable mode, since a second called “Episode: Tsubasa” will offer a more classic approach:

With Episode: Tsubasa, players can relive the exact story of the manga / anime they love, playing Nankatsu Middle School and trying to win the National Schools Tournament. For a football fan unfamiliar with the Tsubasa universe and license history, we would definitely recommend starting with Episode: Tsubasa. It is intended as a sort of “introduction” to help players understand the unique action system as the story unfolds.

Dialogs, menus and progression of “Episode: New Hero” mode

However, you will have to be patient to discover the rest of the content offered by Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions. You will have the opportunity to find there several national teams already appeared in the anime and the manga, but part of what awaits you in the versus mode will not be revealed until later. In the worst case, the wait will no longer be very long since Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions will be released on August 28, 2020 on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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