Car seat: Mistakes to avoid with a baby shell

Car seats with a carry handle are convenient, but being able to take them anywhere comes with a certain safety risk.

Commonly referred to as “shells”, “carriers” or “baby seats”, these seats can be removed from the car and attached directly to the stroller without ever having to detach the child. Our US partner Consumer Reports and the American Pediatric Association summarize the mistakes not to be made when placing a child in this restraint system.

Tilt angle. Do not set the housing at too high or too low an angle, as this reduces the protection of the child in the event of an impact. Check the elements that allow you to adjust the angle, such as a line on the seat that should be parallel to the ground, or a small spirit level (like a carpenter’s) attached to the bench.

Remove the shell. Do not place it on an unstable surface such as a bed or sofa: it may tip over and block the baby’s mouth and nose. Lay it on the ground or attach it to the stroller using a special support.

At the supermarket. Do not place the body of the shopping trolley over the child seat compartment as it may fall. Instead, lay it flat inside the cart.

Sleep. Do not use the shell as a bed. The baby in it, of course, can sleep, but it does not replace the crib. To reduce the risk of SIDS, lay your baby on a firm, level surface.

From the car. Do not loosen the straps or unfasten the clips when the seat is not in the car, so that the child does not sag and suffocate. Also, do not walk holding the projectile by the handle without a child attached, as the child may fall. In short, always leave your harness adjusted.

Toys. Do not hang them on the carrying handle, especially if they are rigid, because if hit they will turn into projectiles. If you catch them, remove them before getting into the car.

Advice from Certified Car Seat Professionals (Little Cupcakes In Car Seats Facebook Group)

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