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This week’s guest Cardano NFT address book is a project that includes a new platform called AnimeSector for anime fans with built-in NFT functionality.: AdaWifus.

Last week’s guest This was a minting platform that thrives on various aspects of blockchain and NFT technology.

This initiative is a benchmark for NFT on Cardano and every week or every two weeks we will invite someone to answer a few questions and give us updates directly from the Cardano community.

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Since some of our readers are new to cryptocurrencies, we will have combination of simple and technical questions.

NFT project on Cardano: AdaWaifus

NFT project on Cardano: AdaWaifus develops AnimeSector

Hello, it’s very nice to have you here. Introduce your team, where are you from, what is your background?

We are team of 4 people. (Louise, Alex, Toby and Sven). Except for Alex we all live in germany. Alex lives in Luxembourg. AdaWaifus brought us together and now we have created a company where everyone can put your skills into practice.

For AdaWaifus, other experts helped us:

  • Reinhardttalented Photoshop and front-end developer,
  • Johannesour system administrator,
  • Stonewho is well versed in the Cardano ecosystem and is our marketing expert.

What is AdaWaifus, how do you use NFT and why did you choose the Cardano blockchain?

AdaWaifus is a way to build relationships with our future clients and know Cardano blockchain technology before the actual product. Let’s see great potential and we would like to use it for our future productsHow? ‘Or’ What “”. AdaWaifus NFT owners will get all the premium features that will be monetized for other users. More information on how we are going to do this can be found in our White paper.

These are 3 full length illustrations of AdaWaifus: Zombie, Cyber ​​and Rainbow.

ADAWaifus collection for us a way to bridge the gap between blockchain and anime fans around the world. We love sharing the group’s art and passion with the blockchain community and the anime community in general.

Tell us about the Anime Community Platform. How will it work and what will it offer anime and manga fans?

We create complete ecosystem for anime fans. The central node will AnimeSectorwhich can be compared to Facebook.

The only difference is what AnimeSector does Let’s focus on anime and community news rather than the social media message board.. However, just like with Facebook, we will gradually develop and add modules. First they will (messenger) e (comparable to a mixture of imgur, deviantart and animexx). These modules will be published as independent mobile appsbut they will also be integrated directly into AnimeSector as modules.

If we can generate enough income to cover the costs, many more modules will follow, and of course all of them will be suitable for the needs of people interested in anime.

What do you have in store for the future? Where do you envision the AdaWaifus project and community in 1, 5 and 10 years respectively?

we believe that in 1 year we will be sitting in a team member’s officeWe work intensively on our products and our marketing. Build new art collections, continue our manga series, and engage with the community. to be able to grow with them.

In 5 years we hope to open our first joint officewhere we meet every day and work together to achieve our goals.

In 10 years, we will expand the project to such an extent that many employees will work intensively with us to revolutionize the theme of anime. in the German speaking world and other European countries, this is an overlooked area when it comes to anime fandoms.

The project is community driven and we tailor the modules to meet the needs and wishes of our community. Our goal is to grow together!

Marvelous. Final remarks? Where can I find more information?

We will publish soon more information on our websitebut for now you can find all information on AdaWeifus and join our Discord server to be part of the community.

AdaWifus nftThe second season of AdaWaifus is scheduled for July 23, 2022.

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