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Even stronger than the advent of the Internet thirty years ago! The artificial intelligence revolution is underway and hundreds of thousands of jobs are looming. Recognize an address, translate a text, ensure cybersecurity, fight against money laundering in banks, make automatic diagnostics in medicine but also invent safer autonomous cars and, above all, ensure enormous productivity gains for companies by operating millions of data… The famous algorithms and other robot software will gradually replace humans in many areas… But it will take people to program them!

“New professions are developing at lightning speed,” says Tawhid Chtioui, founder of Aivancity, the new school that is developing artificial intelligence (AI), located in the Hauts-de-Seine. In its study of 1,860 job offers published in the first quarter of 2020, we learn that the top AI professions in greatest demand are, in order: data analyst, data scientist and data engineer. Engineers create computer programs and develop algorithms, while data scientists and data analysts use the data.

“Specialties in demand from bac + 3, but beginners are also very popular,” says the founder of Aivancity. “A third of the offers do not ask for a specific diploma but for hybrid profiles,” continues Tawhid Chtioui. Candidates come from engineering schools, universities, business schools or specialized establishments like ours, which are still rare in France. “

Diplomas at the university and in the grandes écoles

Remuneration is on average rather attractive because the demand for talent is greater than the supply. Not to mention the fact that AI and data represent important business challenges. “Count a gross annual salary of 38,000 euros for a beginner with a bac + 2 and up to 52,000 euros for a bac + 6”, notes Tawhid Chtioui.

All sectors of activity are concerned: marketing, banking and finance, management consulting, industries, insurance, etc. Large companies such as Airbus, Altran and Orange are the first to recruit. “It is sometimes advisable to go through specialized recruitment firms, such as Data Recruitment, Seven Leagues, In-team …”, further specifies the specialist. It is estimated that in the next two years, 7,500 AI specialists will be recruited in France.

Among the best training courses, highly recognized by recruiters: the Ecole des Mines Paris Tech, the Data science Tech Institute (DSTI), the universities of Tours, Nantes, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, the Sorbonne (continuing education), Saclay, Jussieu- Diderot in Paris and Lyon 2. In any case, you have to be good at math!

Technical, business and ethics courses

The two large private specialized post-baccalaureate schools are Aivancity and IA School, both located in Boulogne-Billancourt. They advocate a new, more comprehensive approach: “Of course, you have to be excellent in mathematics and programming,” notes Yacine Aslimi, of the IA School. But you also need a real contact with reality, the business world and develop a critical sense ”.

What the founder of Aivancity confirms: “Half of our courses concern techno, a quarter ethics, because AI badly used by humans constitutes a real risk for our societies. The rest is devoted to business management ”.

Without forgetting the two establishments created in Paris by the boss of Iliad (Free) Xavier Niel, Ecole 42 and Station F, with revolutionary pedagogy (free schools and non-diploma for 18-30 years old for the first, incubator of start- digital up for the second).

For professional ethics, Boris Yepmo, CEO of Data Tryb specializing in financial advice and the fight against money laundering, has an effective formula: “Humans will always have their place, robots work but humans keep control, program and valid! “

Hounaida, the math boss

In this context of large-scale development, Hounaida has her head in the stars. Major of the Master 2 of the IA School in Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine), the young woman of 25 years already has an impressive CV: after high school and her baccalaureate in Tunis, she goes on to prestigious courses: Bachelor of ISET in Mahdia in Tunisia and ESPRIT school in Tunisia, where she obtained her engineering degree. She continues by taking the direction of Paris and the IA School for a “master’s degree in artificial intelligence and business”! In total, six years working on math and AI continuously.

“It has become a passion,” she says. My developer internships at Thinkproject, where I successfully automated machines, at Tawassol vodaphone and BNP Paribas have finally convinced me ”.

This daughter of a building entrepreneur in Tunis plans to find a permanent contract in France in banking, marketing and business. “I love to take on challenges. I am not only a pure mathematician, I have a taste for business and my feet on the ground ”. His specialty: machine learning and big data. In short, teaching the largest computers to interpret millions of data autonomously.

The list of training courses:é/études-en-intelligence-artificielle-le-grand-panel-des-formations-dossier.

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