Carrefour is testing autonomous robot delivery in Belgium

Carrefour, which is exploring all the possibilities of home delivery of its products, began an experiment with autonomous robots in Belgium on January 13. Carried out in collaboration with British startup, which has created a food, groceries and parcel delivery robot for e-commerce platforms and dark kitchens, it aims to get customers out of stores in 15 minutes.

500 available links

Carrefour is proud to announce that they are the first to conduct this experiment in Europe. Testing is currently taking place until the end of spring at the Zaventem office park near Brussels. 60,000 m2 operating area with about 9,000 employees. Initially, 20 testers were selected. The experiment will then expand to the entire office park, starting with nearby Carrefour.

500 items are available for delivery in autonomous robots. Fresh fruits, pastries, salads, ready meals, sandwiches, small meals…

Previously mapped area

If the tests are definitive, Carrefour is considering piloting this delivery method in major metropolitan areas such as Brussels, Antwerp, Liège and Ghent. The vehicle is moving at a maximum speed of 6 km/h. It is equipped with 8 cameras and sensors that allow it to move autonomously while avoiding obstacles. However, this requires work in a previously mapped area.

There has been more talk of autonomous delivery robots lately when their promoters like FedEx and Amazon stopped their development. However, experiments continue, for example in the United States, where Uber Eats is testing Nuro models.

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