Carter action thriller to premiere exclusively on Netflix next month

Netflix has released a new trailer for its upcoming “nonstop spectacular realtime action movie” in the form of a Carter film. “A man with no memory has only one mission to complete.” “Carter” is an action thriller directed by Jung Byunggil and starring Joo Won, Lee Sung Jae, Jung So Ri, and Kim Bo Min.

The new Netflix film about Carter will premiere exclusively on the Netflix streaming service early next month and will be available to watch on August 5, 2022. “A man wakes up missing his memories. Controlled by a mysterious voice from a device in his ear, he is sent on a hostage rescue mission full of danger.”

Movie trailer Carter 2022

“Carter is waking up two months after a deadly pandemic emanating from the DMZ that has already devastated the United States and North Korea. With no memory of his past other than a mysterious device in his head, a deadly bomb in his mouth, and a voice in his ear giving orders not to be killed, Carter becomes involved in a mysterious operation while the CIA and North Korea pursue the coup. him close.”

Unfortunately, Netflix’s subscriber count has dwindled over the past few months despite the highly anticipated fourth season of Stranger Things being released recently.

Source: Netflix

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