Casablanca: more than three cannabis resin transactions seized

Economist| On 29.08.2022 – 08:15 | Share

Units of the Prefectural Judicial Police Service of Casablanca disrupted on Sunday evening, in agreement with the DGST services, an international drug trafficking operation and seized 3 tons and 168 kilograms of chira.

This operation led to the arrest of a person involved in the transportation of these drug shipments on board a commercial vehicle with false license plates in the “Dar Buazza” in the suburbs of Casablanca, specifies DGSN. As a result of operational-search activities carried out inside the vehicle, 99 bundles with a total weight of 3 tons 168 kilograms of chira, intended for international shipping, were seized.

In addition to the cargo of drugs, during searches on board the same car, a consignment of shotgun shells and several doses of cocaine were seized.


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