Cash Express responds to a cross-generational audience with an unparalleled video game offering.

Cash Express excels in offering games and consoles across generations. In addition to offering products at the best price, the brand invites its customers to hunt in their stores and in their online store to find a rare pearl.

Cash Express offers an intergenerational catalog at a low cost.

With 73% of the French being casual gamers, video games have a bright future ahead of them. Along with the latest generation of consoles (PS5, Xbox Series, Switch) and gaming PCs, the used goods market is expanding its catalog.

If the video game sector is growing, we note that the dematerialized game, although becoming more popular, is not yet available on the secondary market due to the lack of a platform or a player.

With technological progress, the price of the latest generation games is rising, but at the same time, the scarcity of older games is experiencing the same consequences. In Cash Express, the family of video games makes up 25% of the turnover along with telephony.

Instead of focusing on 9th generation games, the brand prefers to offer both newcomers and more experienced players a wider range of products.

“There are many video games and consoles circulating in our 130 stores. By checking the condition of a product in advance, we sometimes allow the public to find rarer goods with a more reasonable budget,” said Arnaud Guerin, Network Director of Cash Express.

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