Cash Piscines, or how to make a success of the “click & collect”

One year ago, in March 2020, about fifteen Cash Piscines stores only were operational in “click & collect”. When the first confinement occurs, we must quickly activate. “We started by multiplying the points of contact with our customers. We have deployed “chat” messaging; then we personalized the connections. And, as teleworking became essential, employees were able to continue to deal with our customers remotely, thanks to all of our infrastructures in the cloud, ”explains Cédric Guiraud, Deputy Managing Director of Cash Piscines.

“To deploy the” click & collect “offer in our 102 stores, we called on our main service provider, the e-commerce solution publisher Octave. He made a number of specific developments for us. Thanks to the work of our IT unit and the strong mobilization of our members, we managed to equip our entire network in 15 days! “

Cash pools more and more online …

“Historically on the web, we chose to use one subdomain per store. Because all the stores share the same reference database, which is replicated in real time, with rules to manage the partitioning of data as well as the duplication of content.

The customer, the point of sale – reference entities

Priority is thus given to “customer centric” orientation: “customers have a choice; communication is omnichannel (SMS, e-mail, chat) and they can be delivered or come in store ”.

Within the structure of the group, each point of sale remains the reference entity: each store manager checks his stocks, places his orders and organizes his own logistics, locally.

“At the central level, we develop marketing and communication animation, using the levers of IT, which oversees a single ERP. We bring together in Bordeaux all the central entities (marketing, central purchasing, IT). We are also creating a “digital” pole bringing together IT and marketing skills, in order to jointly advance these subjects, “explains Cédric Guiraud.

A mixed organization: centralized and decentralized

“It may not be the simplest organization, but it has a lot of advantages because we are organized around our central referral – which is unique. The fact of negotiating and managing purchases centrally does not prevent decentralizing orders and thus preserving the autonomy of points of sale and their manager. The stores are permanently connected, using SaaS (as a service) applications in the cloud; but their collection point remains autonomous.

The large-scale deployment, a few years ago, had given rise to some tensions, in particular due to the simultaneous access of 450 new generation workstations (mainly from the Dell brand). After optimizing the platforms, the response times could be improved, and have become very satisfactory.

Hitherto hosted on Scaleway’s cloud (Illiad), the IS should gradually migrate to Microsoft’s Azure cloud (due to the use of .Net and Office 365 environments). At the same time, there are plans to change the “framework” on the website. Currently, the activity can generate up to 40,000 transactions per day, knowing that the number of active customers exceeds one million. So, again, it is better to anticipate.

Omnichannel priority

For all new services, omnichannel remains an important point. A single payment service has been set up, with flexible granularity, on demand, by group and by store.

“Still, in omnichannel, we are in the process of testing the advantages of” phygital “, ie bridges between physical transactions and customer journeys using virtual images and augmented reality. “

“We know where we want to go with our IS. Business is changing and we are adapting to these changes for our customers. Our partner Octave is also a force of proposal; and we validate or not these choices in the management committee ”, notes Cédric Guiraud.

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