CBI: Investments are open to everyone from August 3, 2022

CBI: investments are open to everyone
from August 3, 2022

CRYPTO BLOCKCHAIN ​​INDUSTRIES (CBI, Euronext Growth Paris: FR0014007LW0, ALCBI) announces its transition from the E1 (Private Offering) to E2 (Public Offering) listing group on the Euronext Growth Paris market through direct admission, effective August 3 2022.

Frédéric Chenet, Chairman & CEO and Founder of CBI, comments: “Since our direct listing on Euronext Growth Paris in October 2021, the performance of CBI shares on the stock market is indicative of the rapid development of our blockchain, NFT and cryptocurrency activities. With the launch of AlphaVerse, the metaverse developed by CBI, scheduled for September, this listing transfer now allows the general public to invest in a company primarily focused on Web 3.0.”

Quote group transfer methods

As part of the transfer of CBI shares from the E1 listing group to the E2 group, it is specified that the company will not issue new securities or place existing securities. The information document is available on the company’s website:, menu “For investors”, section “Corporate documents and other”.

Listing Group Transmission Schedule

August 1, 2022 9:00 AM: Distribution of branch change market notice.

August 3, 2022, 9:00 am: Start of trading in the Public Offer section

ATOUT CAPITAL, advising the Company on the transaction, is the sponsor of the Company’s listing.

About CBI

CRYPTO BLOCKCHAIN ​​INDUSTRIES (“CBI”) is a French company that develops, manages and invests in video games, professional applications and individual projects related to blockchain, non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) and cryptocurrencies. Founded by Frédéric Schöne, a recognized video game entrepreneur and blockchain pioneer, CBI aims to develop and expand a portfolio of blockchain activities spanning multiple sectors (video games, finance, logistics, etc.) to take advantage of this technology either directly. or in partnership. CBI has already made several investments and is currently developing the AlphaVerse virtual world (metaverse) based on blockchain technology, which will open in the summer of 2022. CBI shares (FR0014007LW0) have been listed on the Euronext Growth Paris market since October 26, 2021. . More information at


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