Cdiscount: Clickchef food processor from Moulinex for less than 100 euros

This is not the only offer: in its Black November, Cdiscount presents many other great deals in all of its categories.

Cdiscount: many offers to prepare for Christmas

After Operation 24h Chrono, Cdiscount launches Black November. This new campaign effectively promises new low prices, allowing you to treat yourself or order Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

Among the currently launched offerings, one of the most interesting in the kitchen concerns the Moulinex Clickchef HF452110 food processor. On November 7, its price will rise from 234.68 to 99.99 euros.

Added to this price on the seller’s website are free shipping, free return of the old model, 2-year legal warranty… If the huge discount isn’t enough, you can always pay for a new food processor in 4 hours. installment.

Moulinex Clickchef HF452110, (really) multi-function cooker

With 32 different functions, this version of Moulinex Clickchef is able to meet every need. It comes with accessories and features to make cooking all your meals easier: an included recipe book, 5 automatic programs to start cooking with just one click… It even includes a scale that provides a very accurate measurement of quantity.

The HF452110 is also equipped with a 3.6 liter bowl with a usable volume of 2 liters. Designed for cooking for the whole family up to 4 people.

Despite all these features, the Moulinex robot cooker is a compact device that is easy to store. Despite its good capacity, its width is only 28 cm, which makes it easy to store it in a closet when not in use. All of its accessories can be stored directly in the bowl, saving space.

And the last advantage: with the exception of the bowl, all accessories of this robot (including the beater, mixer and utility knife) are dishwasher compatible.

A selection of other kitchen offerings to discover on Cdiscount

The Moulinex robotic cooker is not the only offer. Right now you will also find:

  • The Tefal L7619002 kitchen set costs 49.99 euros instead of 84.99 euros: perfect for saving space, this set has a removable handle. Frying pans have a thermal signal and a non-stick coating.
  • Tefal Multi Délices yogurt maker for 59.99 euros instead of 71.99 euros: complete with 6 bottles, this model is ideal for making drinking yoghurts. Includes 3 programs and automatic shutdown.
  • Tefal Secure 5 pressure cooker at €39.99 instead of €69.99: Dishwasher compatible, this large pressure cooker (8 liters) is also compatible with induction cookers.

This is not the end. From November 7 to 9, all major kitchen brands (Seb, Tefal, Moulinex, etc.) will receive big discounts on the occasion of Cdiscount Electric Star Days.

Whether for sauces, soups, pasta or any other dish, the Moulinex food processor is one of the most intuitive and versatile solutions. If its drastically reduced price is a strong argument, there are still other kitchen appliances waiting for you. Take advantage of Black November to re-equip yourself.

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