Cdiscount games: Promotions on video games, controllers and accessories

From May 25 to June 8 inclusive, in the game world on the website, promotions follow one after another. The best-selling games, as well as several bundles with PS5 controller and accessories for gamers, are available at discounted prices… within available stocks.

Playstation hits collection now on sale

For the past few years, the Playstation Hits collection of games has been collecting bestsellers at low prices. An opportunity to (re)discover a great classic, starting with Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy’s first adventures plunge the player into a wintry landscape in search of the truth. This version contains the original game and The Frozen Wilds DLC.

To celebrate the release of the latest installment in the series, Rachet & Clank have joined the Playstation Hits collection. This adventure game combines humor, action and reflection in a crazy space opera universe.

On the other hand, Until Dawn is considered one of the best survival horror games. Particularly bloody and disturbing, this story picks up a key horror movie theme – the survival of the group against a dangerous psychopath. Attention, this game is not recommended for fragile and/or sensitive people.

Dualsense controllers for PS5

DualSense wireless controllers, or PS5 controllers that were out of stock a few weeks ago, are returning in a variety of colors. It is possible to complete the console with a white or black controller.

Note. The DualSense wireless controller is also available in other colors: red, blue, pink and purple.

Playstation bundles including PS5 game and DualSense controller.

Happy Playstation 5 owners can also get a new controller by purchasing the game. These promo packs are available with white or black DualSense. For example, the game Horizon Forbidden West comes with two promotional offers.

Adventure or racing gamers also have a suite to match their exploration with versions of Gran Turismo 7 or Spider-Man Miles Morales, including the famous haptic feedback controller.

Discounted PS5 Games

Some mentions of PS5 games are covered by Cdiscount game deals. The latest installment in the Ratchet & Clank saga benefits from an immediate €20 discount. Exclusive to PS5, you can find two heroes in the company of their friends for new adventures.

Once again, a great classic is coming to Sony’s next generation console. This video game series, which until 2014 was called Little Big Planet, has been replenished with a new part in 2020. Sackboy A Big Adventure! The game is played exclusively on PS5 and may be suitable for younger players.

Among other discounted games, Destruction AllStars is a good way to blow off some steam. The principle is simple: a crazy racing game in which the winner is the one who causes the most damage to the cars of rivals.

Gaming accessories (headset, camera, etc.)

In addition to games and controllers, the Cdiscount temporary promotion also applies to gaming accessories. Among them are the indispensable 3D Pulse wireless headphones or HD camera designed for PS5.

From May 25 to June 8, take advantage of discounts on many game links on the Cdiscount website.

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