Cdiscount: take advantage of promotions on consoles and video games

At Cdiscount, we are always sure to find a good deal, whatever the department concerned. The brand indeed offers a varied price range, relying on a wide choice of products and brands. Cdiscount is in fact fashion, high-tech, IT, games and toys departments, but also animals, garden and DIY, not to mention household appliances: in short, whether you need a new video game, a smartphone or a pair of sneakers, Cdiscount is there. In addition to the lowest possible prices, Cdiscount is also a brand that does not shy away from promotions: there is always an operation in progress or a good deal on Cdiscount, throughout the year, including weekends. ends. And, this Sunday again, good plans are in the game. We have selected 5 not to be missed to please you without breaking the bank!

Cdiscount: 5 incredible offers this Sunday

The other good plans not to be missed

New generation games and consoles are at Cdiscount

The next-generation consoles are here: indeed, the Xbox Series X has already arrived, and it’s time to start buying accessories, such as controllers, but also to pre-order the various games that will arrive at the end of it. year, to prepare for Christmas. Likewise, the PS5 is upon us, since it will be officially released on November 19: it’s time to buy Spider-Man Miles Morales for example, or to equip yourself with a helmet or a remote control in anticipation. the arrival of the new console in your living room. These next-gen purchases also allow you to pool euros if you are a Cdiscount à Volonté member: perfect for preparing for the end of year celebrations. Note that Cdiscount still offers the Xbox Series S, at 299.99 euros.

Take advantage of exceptional discounts on old consoles

Of course, with the arrival of next-generation consoles, it also means that it’s the perfect time to make the most of old consoles: the PS4 and Xbox One have not yet said their last word, and still offer many games, and often at very affordable prices. If you know a gamer you want to please this Christmas, or if you want to explore these consoles yourself before upgrading to the next-gen, now is the right time. Cdiscount offers the latest games, like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, on PS4 and Xbox One at 54.99 euros, with 10 euros to pool for Cdiscount members at will. You can also treat yourself to Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, on PS4 and Xbox One, from 56.99 euros. Here again, euros are to be pooled for Cdiscount à Volonté members, with up to 15 euros to be added to your pot.

Nintendo Switch also in the spotlight at Cdiscount

Of course, next to the PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, we must not forget Nintendo. Cdiscount has many Nintendo and Switch games on the shelves. You can get the Game & Watch Super Mario Bros System, which comes out on November 13, for only 49.99 euros. You can also pre-order Hyrule Warriors: Age of Scourge, at 49.99 euros. The game will be released on November 20 on Nintendo Switch. Finally, this year, Mario is celebrating his 35th birthday, and we can therefore have fun with various Super Mario games on Cdiscount, such as Super Mario 3D All Stars Limited Edition, which brings together the three Super Mario from previous consoles.

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