Celebrities Call on G7 to Donate COVID Vaccines to Poor Countries

United Nations | About 30 celebrities have called on G7 members to administer doses of COVID-19 vaccine to poor countries on Tuesday as they approach the Friday-Sunday summit in Cornwall, southwest England.

In an open letter, these entertainment and sports stars urge leaders from the UK, France, Italy, Canada, Japan, Germany and the United States to urgently share at least 20% of their COVID-19 vaccine dose supply with poor countries.

Among the signatories, often goodwill ambassadors for the UN children’s agency Unicef, are actors and actresses Liam Neeson, Orlando Bloom, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Whoopi Goldberg and singers Katy Perry and Angelique Kidjo. Football stars such as David Beckham or Sergio Ramos, auto racing (Fernando Alonso) or tennis (Andy Murray) have also contributed to this appeal in the seven richest countries on the planet.

With more than 150 million doses expected to be donated between June and August, the goal is to reduce the risk of the virus spreading and the threat of mutant strains emerging, their call underlines.

“The world has spent a year and a half fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, but the virus is still spreading to many countries and producing new variants that could send us all back to where we started,” the letter warns.

“This means more school closures, more disruption to the health care system, and an even greater economic downturn, threatening the future of families and children around the world,” the authors warn.

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