Centreon 21.04, a new version with AI to prevent malfunctions –

Centreon announces the release of Centreon 21.04, the ultimate evolution of its IT infrastructure monitoring and management platform. “The 21.04 further increases the efficiency of ITOps teams with the program: connectors embedding more automation with the optimized auto-discovery engine, artificial intelligence and major improvements in alert management ”, explains the communicated.

It allows the management of dynamic IT infrastructures by being connected to all of the company’s systems and tools. This includes a wide variety of connectors for an extended and instantaneous supervision capacity, and automation functions to supervise dynamic technology environments (Cloud, containers, SD-WAN, Saas applications, WiFi terminals, etc.), integrations with main IT automation tools or with other IT tools and AIOps functionalities to build the observability process.

Organize complexity

The Centreon 21.04 Auto-Discovery engine has been improved to facilitate the work of operations teams when it comes to organizing the complexity of their systems: automatic assignment of Hosts, Categories and Severity groups. It ensures that 100% of the IT equipment is constantly supervised.

This Auto-Discovery engine is based on the library of more than 500 supervision connectors, which contain both ready-to-use configuration models and the 287 discovery rules applicable to all types of equipment.

It can thus query, explore, detect, configure, categorize and automatically monitor areas of infrastructure such as Amazon AWS Services, such as EBS, EC2, EFS, RDS; Microsoft Azure services, such as Azure Automation, Elastic Pool, EventGrid, Firewall, Key Vault, Load Balancer, Public IP, ServiceBus, SignalR; Google Cloud Compute services, such as CloudSQL, Engine, Storage; Kubernetes clusters, VmWare clusters, Nutanix servers; Versa Director, Cisco Meraki or VmWare VeloCloud SD-WAN networks; Wifi networks, for example Aruba.

AI for preventive detection

The Anomaly Detection function relies on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to alert dysfunctional behaviors outside the usual patterns, bypassing traditional fixed thresholds. Based on the Centreon Cloud to implement resource-intensive ML algorithms and thus preserve the monitoring servers, this new architecture combines Centreon’s monitoring capacity with the computing power of the cloud.

Centreon monitoring servers integrate with the Centreon Cloud platform to add power if necessary. It also offers an Auto-Suggestion function whose role is to automatically suggest a list of relevant metrics for the use of Anomaly Detection. All Centreon Business Edition customers can access this function.

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