Century: Age of Ashes pushes back early access again, console version evoked

Presented for the very first time at the Game Awards at the end of last year, Century: Age of Ashes is a title that seems to have caught the eye of a lot of players. Scheduled for the very beginning of the year, the title has already been postponed several times to refine its experience. January, February, March, then scheduled so far for April, it will not surprise anyone if you are told that a new postponement has been announced.

To improve the experience

Developed by the French of Playwing, Century: Age of Ashes seems to have had a small success during the last phase of open beta last March: it gathered more than 250,000 people during his ten days of availability, against the 10,000 present during the alpha which took place in January.

Although initially planned in early access, the title wants to polish its experience before its arrival. The success of the beta and the expectations of the community have heightened the ambitions of the studio to make the game “ the best experience ever “. This will improve the title based on the latest tests and take into account the many feedbacks.

Soon on consoles?

In its press release, Playwing also announces good news: a console version of the title is currently under study. If this does not in any way confirm that the game will arrive on PlayStation / Xbox, that leaves the door wide open, and we imagine that if the early access goes well, we can hope for an arrival on our home machines.

In short, we will have to be patient since this time, the studio does not prefer to give a release period. Century: Age of Ashes is simply postponed to “2021” without further clarification, with all the same the hope of releasing the game before the end of the year on PC.

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