CEO of spyware firm NSO resigns

Israeli spy company NSO Group announced on Sunday that its CEO Shalev Julio is stepping down immediately.

COO Yaron Shohat is responsible for the reorganization of the company until the appointment of a successor.

In a statement, the group explained that as part of the company-wide reorganization, “every aspect of its business, including streamlining its operations, will be explored to ensure NSO remains one of the leading high-tech cyber intelligence companies in the world, with a focus on NATO member countries.” .

According to information reported by Reuters, a company source confirmed that about 100 employees will be laid off as part of the reorganization.

Pinned Pegasus

NSO Group, which sells controversial Pegasus software, is facing legal action after allegations that its tools were used to hack mobile phones.

The NSO has said its technology is designed to catch terrorists and criminals and is being sold to government clients (controlled and legal), though the list of clients remains confidential. Last year’s Forbidden Stories investigation caught the attention of the Israeli public.

“The company’s products continue to be in high demand by governments and law enforcement due to their advanced technology and proven ability to help these clients fight crime and terrorism,” Yaron Shohat said in a statement. “NSO will ensure that the company’s breakthrough technologies are used for legitimate and worthy purposes,” he added.

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