CES 2021: HP announces True Wireless headphones for video conferencing

After the H10 Pro, HP is taking advantage of CES to unveil the Elite Wireless Earbuds, a new pair of True Wireless headphones that targets professionals and is intended for use in videoconferencing but also on the go. Regarding their design, the brand does not invent anything since the Elite Wireless Earbuds have a classic in-ear design.

Noise reduction and simplified connection

HP has, however, refined certain points: the system Swift Pair from Microsoft allows you to quickly switch from one device to another. The headphones are also equipped with an active noise reduction system to minimize the background noise that one may have at home or at the office and it is possible to deactivate the microphone present on the headset so as not to disturb participants in a multi-party conversation.

We do not yet know the capacity of the battery or the autonomy, we just know that they integrate a fast charging system that can recover 90 minutes of autonomy in 15 minutes of charging. A charging box is also present, as with all True Wireless. It has a USB-C port and has a rather reasonable size of 65mm x 57mm x 29mm.

Finally, the headphones have 9.2 mm speakers that cover a frequency range between 20 Hz and 18 kHz, therefore narrower than most competitors. Theoretically, human ears can hear frequencies between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. So see what the headphones will give in use.

Starting price

For the rest of the characteristics, we will have to wait a bit. The launch is scheduled for April with a price set at 199 dollars, but in the USA. We do not yet know the exact price and the release date in France.

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