CES 2021 – Lidar, IA… Samsung releases heavy artillery for its JetBot 90 AI robot vacuum

With its JetBot 90 AI, Samsung sets the bar very high. He equips his robot vacuum cleaner not only with an automatic emptying base, but also with a Lidar sensor to be located in a room and deliver a very precise map.

On the sidelines of the presentation of its two new Micro-Led 99 and 110-inch televisions at CES in Las Vegas, Samsung also took the opportunity to lift the veil on its new, ultra-sophisticated robot vacuum cleaner. The JetBot 90 AI, that’s its name, is unlike any robot vacuum cleaner on the market, starting with its very futuristic design. Its architecture is such that it could prevent it from going sucking under low furniture.

It must be said that it takes room to accommodate the avalanche of technologies with which this JetBot 90 AI is equipped. To begin with, this new robot vacuum cleaner has a Lidar sensor on board. This technology, which is often found in the design of autonomous cars, models its environment at 360 ° in the form of digital 3D images, thus making it possible to detect and identify all kinds of obstacles on the road to better avoid them. . To this, Samsung adds a camera that would allow the robot to provide home surveillance. Like an Ecovacs Ozmo T8 AIVI, the user will be able to see from the application what is happening in the household while the robot is vacuuming.

This dual navigation system should allow the Samsung JetBot 90 AI to provide a very accurate map of the household after a cleaning cycle. From these cards, the user can create the different rooms that make up his home and install virtual beacons; these limitations will be used to prevent the robot from going to vacuum in certain rooms or areas of the room.

Artificial Intelligence thanks to Intel

The JetBot 90 AI is not the only robot on the market to integrate artificial intelligence: iRobot and Ecovacs are used to it. But Samsung is proud to say that the artificial intelligence work of its robot was carried out in concert with Intel. The Korean manufacturer promises that its robot will be able to identify objects and bypass them rather than sucking them up; a promise that we will not fail to verify if this device is available in France.

A self-cleaning brush and an automatic drain

With its JetBot 90 AI, Samsung relies heavily on the maintenance of the device. This robot has a self-cleaning brush, which is far from useless insofar as the bristles and the hair tend to quickly come to saturate the blades of the vacuum cleaners. And to make the maintenance of the device even easier, Samsung is equipping its new flagship with a charging base which also automatically empties the collector. This base is equipped with a tank in which the dust collected during the previous cleaning is sucked up and collected in a bag. This system allows the user to avoid the drudgery of cleaning and to put the hands in contact with dust. Samsung, obviously very inspired by iRobot and Ecovacs which also offer models with the automatic charging base, specifies that the bag could be sufficient for two to three months of regular cleaning.

The release date for the French market has not been confirmed by Samsung, nor has the price, but this heightened sophistication could well cost more than 1000 €.

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