CES 2021: Robosen K1, a fun robot to learn programming

Robot butlers are the center of attention at CES 2021. And yet other machines are just as interesting like the Robosen K1 Interstellar. Rather than cleaning the floor or carrying glasses of water, he can do a headstand, dance, fire artillery… and even poop.

This programmable robot is equipped with 17 servomotors located at the joints which give it very fluid movements. It can be voice controlled or piloted via a mobile app and even has some serious skills to teach kids programming.

Venture out and discover the program

The application available on Android and iOS encourages its user to explore all the possibilities offered by the robot. There are a wide variety of actions available – some silly, some very cool – that would pique the curiosity of any child (and even some adults). It is easy to learn and does not require special programming knowledge to use it.

The K1 robot is not yet available, it will arrive in some markets at the end of January. Prices vary, the Pro model is listed in the US at $ 300. Less expensive versions are also in the boxes.

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