CES 2021: this robot uses UV light to fight COVID 19

Viruses and bacteria are vulnerable to UV light, whether it comes from our star or whether it is created artificially. A weakness that can be exploited to disinfect places during an epidemic period, as is currently the case. Remember, however, that prolonged exposure is also dangerous for humans, the consequences on health are significant, the miracle solution is not to irradiate UV rays to escape COVID-19 …

Disinfect schools, offices or hospitals

UBTech has found the solution by developing an autonomous robot topped with UV lamps that can clean places without endangering its user. Adibot, that’s its name, was designed for places with high traffic that require daily maintenance such as schools, offices or hospitals. A people detection system that relies on cameras is also present to limit the risks.

The fixed version is billed at $ 20,000 and it takes $ 40,000 for the stand-alone version. These two models will arrive in the coming weeks.

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