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The kitchen of the future is here. At CES in Las Vegas, LG showed off a color-changing refrigerator and GE Profile showed off a $1,000 smart blender. And that’s not all! Here are the best of the best CES 2023 announcements in smart cooking and culinary technology.

GE Profile Smart Mixer is a very smart assistant in the kitchen

This smart robot blender has a built-in scale for accurate measurements. It includes Auto-Sense technology, which determines if the product has finished blending or needs further processing. The GE Profile Smart Mixer syncs with the app to access dozens of recipes, from measuring ingredients to blending.

General Electric

Refrigerator LG MoodUp changes color

This is a party fan cooler that changes color at the push of a button and syncs with music. We also find the Instaview system, which makes one of the panels transparent so that you can see what’s inside without opening the fridge. LG MoodUp can also detect the approach of night and emit soft light to guide a thirsty user towards it in the middle of the night.


Samsung artificial intelligence oven

The new Samsung Bespoke AI oven has a built-in camera and technology that allows you to share the image directly on social networks. The AI ​​Pro Cooking algorithm can recognize up to 80 dishes and recommend the appropriate temperature, time and cooking mode, and then send notifications to prevent the food from burning.


High-tech pantry

Preventing spoilage and mold in fresh, unrefrigerated foods like bread has always been a challenge. The Japanese company Kaltech believes they have found a solution. This Fresh Food Keeper uses photocatalysis, a chemical process sometimes used to disinfect water to keep bread and other foods fresh longer.


smart cutting boards

Two smart cutting boards debuted at CES 2023. The walnut Blok is a sleek and expensive board with a detachable screen for live streaming or video cooking so you can work on your meals without taking your eyes off your tablet. Definitely good cookware, but we’re not sure if it’s worth $799 plus a $39 monthly subscription.


The Versaware Smart Cutting Board has a smaller, more manageable screen that helps my recipes by providing useful information about technique, calories and nutrition. We don’t have information about its price yet. article adapted by CNETFrance

Image: LG

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