CES 2023: Unistellar’s new Equinox 2 connected telescope captures high-resolution space photos –

Unistellar, a French network-connected telescope manufacturer, unveiled the Equinox 2 at CES 2023, a new model with an improved image sensor and software over the previous generation. According to Unistellar, its telescope can capture high-resolution images of celestial objects, including those in “very bright urban environments,” thanks to an imaging system that filters out light pollution.

But the big advantage of the Equinox 2 is that its use does not require any setup or any knowledge of astronomical observations. Everything happens through a mobile application, in which the object for observation is selected from a catalog that includes more than 5,000 positions. The telescope will then automatically aim at the target.

Compared with the first generation Equinox, the new model has increased the sensor resolution from 4.9 megapixels to 6.2 megapixels, it takes better pictures of the planets and offers a wider field of view. The Equinox 2 is available for pre-order for €2,499 and will ship in mid-February. A necessity for which one has to pay a high price.

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Image: Unistellar

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