Chainalysis launches Business Data offering to help cryptocurrency exchanges optimize their product strategy and increase user base.

Chainalysis, a blockchain analyst firm, has announced the launch of Chainalysis Business Data, a ground-breaking data offering that will help cryptocurrency exchanges and fintech companies that offer cryptocurrency services better understand their users, tailor their product offerings, and identify new revenue streams. Business data is based on proprietary data from Chainalysis, which cryptocurrency companies around the world are already using to ensure compliance. Business Data is Chainalysis’s first offering aimed at marketing, finance, and product development to help drive user growth.

“The advantage of cryptocurrency is its transparency, and with the right data, companies can gain valuable insight into shaping their growth strategies,” said Jonathan Levin, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Chainalysis. This level of data-driven business development is another advantage of blockchains that is not possible in traditional finance. ”

Chainalysis has been systematically building its dataset since 2014, linking blockchain activity to real objects. Chainalysis tracks over 100 digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the most popular ERC-20 tokens and stablecoins, accounting for over $ 200 billion in transactions per month. Financial crime and compliance professionals already rely on Chainalysis data to detect and investigate illegal transactions.

Chainalysis Business Data uses the same robust data set to help exchanges answer questions such as:
• Should certain assets be promoted?
• Do customers go to competitors?
• What new clients should we target?
• What acquisition channels are attracting my best customers?

“Transparency is one of the many benefits of cryptocurrencies that offers unique opportunities for business development,” explains Foivos Mytilinajos, Head of Business Intelligence and Data Development at Bitpanda, one of Europe’s leading digital investment platforms. By expanding its data-driven offering beyond requirements, Chainalysis will help inform our marketing and product development strategies to grow and retain our customer base. ”

Chainalysis’s business data offering is delivered as data streams that can be easily integrated into customer data warehouses. Business data can then enrich existing datasets to gain deeper insights into the behavior of their users. Chainalysis also offers the services of data processing experts to assist clients with integration and analysis. Business data is now available via subscription.

Chainalysis recently completed Series D funding, raising $ 100 million to reach a valuation of over $ 2 billion. Chainalysis acts as a strategic partner to financial institutions, governments and cryptocurrency companies around the world, providing data, software and expertise on sophisticated cryptocurrency and criminal money laundering tactics, methods and procedures.

Chainalysis is a blockchain technology analytics company. We provide data, software, services and research reports to government agencies, stock exchanges, financial institutions, insurance companies and cybersecurity companies in over 60 countries. Our data platform supports the investigation, compliance and risk management tools used to uncover the world’s most high profile cybercrimes and increase consumer access to secure cryptocurrencies. Backed by Accel, Addition, Benchmark, Paradigm, Ribbit and other major venture capital firms, Chainalysis is building trust in blockchains to reduce risk for greater financial freedom. To find out more visit

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