Chainsaw Man: Anime presented in a new trailer!

Whether ConsoleFun.FR focuses mainly on announcements of video games and their adaptations, as well as offers and gaming products, it is sometimes difficult for the editors not to mention certain significant works that smack of video games (or almost) such as Chainsaw Man, the famous manga written and illustrated Tatsuki Fujimoto which will soon get the rights to an anime adaptation!

After all, for a little over a year, manga fans have known about the MAPPA studio company (Yuri on Ice, School of Gambling, Zombieland Saga, Dororo…): to make an animated series faithful to the original work. If two trailers showcasing the anime aesthetic have been leaking online for a while now, the third trailer, released yesterday, focuses much more on the Chainsaw Man’s story – a first contact perhaps more “friendly” for newbies. Thus we find Denji, a young man with no money, and his chainsaw-headed demonic dog Pochit, who, in an alternate 1997 where demons are born from human fears, merge to become a chainsaw man for the purpose of hunting. all the infernal beings they ask to be killed in exchange for compensation.

Clean visuals, neat animation, obvious fidelity to the original product: MAPPA’s Chainsaw Man promises! Waiting for the anime to release on Crunchyroll in October 2022we leave you with the latest official trailer:


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