Chameneon – a chameleon who loved neon lights too much!

Electro-music and surf-chameleon in Cyberspace, an effective recipe?

We can already do justice to the Chameneon pun: a nice combination of chameleon and neon. And the title works well because it sums up a lot of the game. We’ll actually be driving a chameleon in neon-lit sets. Well, almost… But there is an idea.

I slip silently

More precisely, according to the plot of this game, the virus has infected Cyberspace and now you have to initiate the Khameneon protocol. We must surf the neon lines of cyberspace and defeat the virus before it’s too late. All in a 2D platformer-style runner. We are lulled by electronic music that sets the pace and, above all, allows us to hold potatoes, because Chameneon is a fast-paced game, even in easy mode. There are 80 levels and it’s hot! And all this, gliding along the neon thread, neon light, deftly and deftly avoiding obstacles.

Looks like the power is back

Our character must run, jump, dodge and, above all, grab the neon disks needed to clear cyberspace of this virus. Great reflexes are required. The gameplay is very simple, but completing a level is not a health course. In addition, success hunters will need to score points in levels in order to unlock G. Another way to get a complete player to “try again to achieve more.” On the surface, Chameneon is a captivating title, sometimes frustrating and annoying, but with its potato-boosting music and simplistic gameplay, we want to go higher like Tina Arena.

There are a lot of people at this party

He doesn’t technically break the 3 legs of a chameleon, but at least the Chameneon has a personality. The art direction is simple but effective. We are in a “cosmic” type of scenery, that is, a rather black background with stars, this at least allows us to focus on the bright colors on the screen, namely the neon lights: this slide theme with our chameleon, avoiding many pitfalls, that stand in our way. Finally, the good news is the price: at 3.99 euros, honestly, we have nothing to complain about. There are less good ones, but it’s more expensive.

Always smiling

Chameneon is a small, efficient and inexpensive 2D runner. It’s not the game of the year, but its neon hue and electro music will keep you awake throughout the 80 levels on offer… well, if you don’t fall for the difficulty!

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