CharaChorder Lite Multistroke keyboard allows you to type words by pressing all letters at the same time

Following a Kickstarter campaign that was successfully funded last year, CharaChorder began shipping the CharaChorder Lite Multistroke, offering the twist of a traditional keyboard. The unique keyboard allows users to simultaneously press multiple keys to output entire words or phrases with a single keystroke, allowing for faster typing than any other keyboard. “For example, the user can chord “word” by simply simultaneously pressing w+o+r+d instead of typing w, then o, then r, then d individually.”

“Although the device has only just begun shipping, many users have already broken their personal bests using the device, reaching +250 wpm. (The average qwerty user speed is only 40 words per minute.) This is especially noteworthy because CharaChorder’s mission is to raise the average human text rate to 250 words per minute. This speed, which corresponds to the average adult’s reading comprehension speed, is also how CharaChorder defines “speed of thought”.

CharaChorder Lite Multistroke

“CharaChorder is a combination of ‘character’ and ‘chord’. Our first product was created with the original intention of helping people with reduced mobility communicate better. Along the way, we discovered that this technology could revolutionize the way EVERYONE interacts with computers. CharaChorder is a great example of the “restriction effect” where helping the marginalized ends up benefiting everyone else!! “

“Thanks to your amazing support, all of our financial goals have been completely thwarted. As we move into the second half of the campaign, we wanted to show you our appreciation by identifying two additional features to embed in CharaChorder Lite based on your requests and feedback. After much discussion, we have decided that we can make a commitment to enable these features after achieving the following goals:

Source: Kickstarter

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