Charleroi: living illegally with cannabis in his pocket

He opposes his lawyer’s demand

Sentenced to a default prison sentence, including for illegal residence in Belgium, Ramsay filed an objection to the sentence. While he appointed a lawyer to defend his interests in court on Friday morning, the opponent finally defended himself alone. Ramsay claimed he didn’t understand a word of a conversation he had with his lawyer in prison when the latter explained to him that he should ask for an adjournment of the hearing to prepare the case. However, the translator translated everything. Therefore, Ramsay objected to the defense motion for a stay and at the same time expressed a desire to defend himself so that his case could be discussed that Friday morning.

Recognizing the facts, the young father of the family hopes to get out of prison as soon as possible in order to find a wife and son in the French capital. But the prosecution requires confirmation of the verdict.

Final decision July 29th.


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