Charts Japan: Best Consoles Sellers December 14-20, 2020

Here is the ranking of console sales in Japan for the period from December 14 to 20, 2020, whose figures were provided by the magazine Famitsu.

1) Nintendo Switch – 263,304 Sales
2) Playstation 5 – 17578 Sales
3) Playstation 4 – 10343 Sales
4) Nintendo 3DS – 583 Sales
5) Xbox Series – 375 Sales
6) Xbox One – 33 sales


Everyone is only talking about the current-gen, PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles … but the Nintendo Switch is the console of the moment! It is a hit for the holidays from far away!

For the rest, the PS5 and the PS4 are fighting to win at the top of the ranking. The Xbox Series are already in difficulty on Japanese territory, to such an extent that they have to fight against consoles of older generations, namely the 3DS and the Xbox One.


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