Châtellerault: kidnapped, beaten to death and buried in the middle of the forest for a theft of video games

It’s a sordid murder which took place this weekend of June 19 and 20 in Châtellerault. A 31-year-old man kidnapped, kidnapped and beaten to death by four suspects. His body was found this Monday, June 21 in the forest of Saint-Genest-d’Ambière by the police. The four implicated, three adults were heard by a judge instruction. They are being sued for kidnapping and arbitrary forcible confinement followed by death. A minor is accused of complicity.

It’s a two-part affair. It all started last May. A man and a woman are robbed and steal game consoles and video games. They file a complaint and accuse their victim for this flight. Friday June 18, they are in Châtellerault by car and see this 31-year-old man. They stop, hit him and force him into their car. She gives hits and him lock the doors. This is what the prosecutor reveals after their hearings.

Beaten to death in a cellar

The couple take the victim to a third suspect. They bring it down in the cellar and want to make him confess to the theft by beating him, helped by the minor. He sits on a chair, tied hands and feet and hit. They are helped by the miner. According to the autopsy, these are the blows that caused death the Saturday. On Sunday, the suspects hide the body of the victim in the forest of Saint-Genest-d’Ambière, under 50 centimeters of earth. He was found by police on Monday. Adults risk life imprisonment.

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