ChatGPT: artificial intelligence hacked to create malware

Cybercrime researchers have found that hackers are using ChatGPT to create malware, ransomware, and spam.

The ChatGPT tool, developed by OpenAI and endowed with artificial intelligence, is also misused by hackers. Researchers at Check Point Research believe that this tool can help cybercriminals improve or code malware and ransomware.

The research team released the results of their work on January 6, indicating that they found numerous posts on dark web forums in which cybercriminals were sharing methods for creating malware using ChatGPT. Researchers are primarily concerned with the fact that ChatGPT helps newcomers to cybercrime understand the world of computer code.

“It’s too early to decide if ChatGPT’s capabilities will become the new favorite tool for hackers,” the researchers said. “However, the cybercriminal community has already shown significant interest and is investing in this latest trend to create malicious code.”

Simple Workarounds

The researchers tried their hand at developing malware created by ChatGPT. Without writing a single line of code, they generated a phishing email. They were also able to create an Excel file from scratch, enclosed in an email, without any knowledge of computer code.

While ChatGPT’s terms and conditions prohibit its use for illegal or malicious purposes, researchers have easily modified their queries to circumvent these restrictions.

And ChatGPT isn’t ready to stop as, according to media reports from Semafor, Microsoft could invest $10 billion in the tool to get into OpenAI’s capital.

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