ChatGPT: beware of these dubious applications!

The success of ChatGPT, whose use is spreading like wildfire, attracts unscrupulous developers. Thus, the mobile app becomes a hit in the Apple App Store, earning a fortune from its publisher, who charges a high subscription price.

ChatGPT, a texting robot launched by OpenAI late last year, surprises with its detailed and complex answers. Be warned though, the bot is far from infallible and for good reason its answers are based on grounds that can be wrong or say anything. However, there is indeed success, so big that Microsoft wants to invest $10 billion in OpenAI!

Caution advised with ChatGPT applications

The general public has taken over this robot, but we must be careful. Criminals also want to ride this wave and offer ChatGPT-based apps in mobile stores, which can be very expensive… and the bot itself is completely free to use. Just go to the OpenAI website to chat freely and pay nothing with ChatGPT (you still need to create an account, but it’s free).

Unfortunately, not everyone knows about it. And there is a risk of being scammed by these apps, which, like ChatGPT Chat GPT AI with GPT-3, charge a high price for their “services”: a weekly subscription that allows you to remove ads and restrictions actually costs € 9.99, while how you can subscribe to the annual formula for 59.99 euros. Easy money for the publisher Social Media Apps & Games, who is not shy about using the OpenAI logo (with some variations) without permission…

There are many other similar applications that try to trick the user. OpenAI hasn’t launched an official app, but it would probably be a good idea to avoid scams like this. Apple has also removed ChatGPT Chat GPT AI with GPT-3 from the App Store.

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