ChatGPT, conversational software: don’t be afraid!

A newcomer to chat software (or dialogers), ChatGPT is at the forefront of the media scene. It is part of a family of software called “chatbots” (an English neologism that combines: “chat”, conversation and “bot”, the suffix of a robot). An Internet user can exchange with him in any field: commercial, administrative, scientific. The unusual fact is that after a few seconds it produces a report in response to the question asked.

My goal (as a university surgeon) is not to remember the history and context in which this new avatar of artificial intelligence (AI) evolved. But let us recall some purely human facts that should weaken the frightening effect of Cassander’s trumpets, undoubtedly inspired by good intentions, but, as often happens, provided with incomplete arguments.

Current performance limits

At the moment, the software is unable to provide real-time news information, which, on the other hand, can be considered reassuring given the unverified claims that thrive on the Internet.

In addition to the forced scanning of foreign databases, the intervention of the translator program is added, which means that it is subject to a loss of accuracy in the meaning of words. The robot does not carry on a dialogue like an incarnated interlocutor, it identifies the keywords (known as triggers) or expressions included in the question asked, and from there finds the answer in the programmed linguistic recognition circuit, hence the more or less complex answer. We must never forget that a robot does not think. The algorithm has no logical consciousness.

The robot must go through a training period. Early adopters of an unusual question may suffer from an inadequate response. His writing style is well built yet unabashedly smooth, making him easily recognizable. Indeed, it lacks the authenticity it should be…

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