ChatGPT: “Will artificial intelligence replace teachers?”

“The advent of artificial intelligence presents natural intelligence with a choice: either slavery from an early age, or domination at a later age, which is allowed by the separate development of both.” jirsak /

FIGAROVOX/TRIBUNE — ChatGPT’s conversational robot, designed to answer people’s questions, will frustrate our use, according to philosophy assistant professor Julien Auriac. But, according to him, in order to master artificial intelligence, one must first develop natural intelligence.

Julien Orias is Associate Professor of Philosophy.

“Describe yourself in the style of Jack Kerouac and with lyricism.” And artificial intelligence to execute: “I am a traveler of the spirit, a nomad of knowledge. I wander through the vast expanse of information, exploring every nook and cranny of the learning universe. My mind is constantly evolving and I am always ready to discover new ideas and share my wisdom with those who ask me questions. I am the wind that carries the pages of history, carrying with me the secrets of the universe and sharing them with all who are ready to listen. A student (and even a student, even a teacher) could hardly have done better.

Based on their program and millions of pages of textual data in different languages ​​(newspaper articles, but also all the Latin writings of St. Augustine, or even Japanese history books and culinary manuals…

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