ChatGPT will debut on Slack soon

After Microsoft, Instacart, and Snapchat, it’s Salesforce’s turn to make room for the ChatGPT conversation bot in its Slack productivity app.

The company plans to launch a new Slack app that will integrate an artificial intelligence (AI) tool. The conversational robot will allow users of the application to quickly search, on any topic or projectthanks to the search engine with artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT can also be used to summarize feeds and topics, a feature that can be useful to quickly see what happened during your vacation, or just get an overview of current production.

Another feature is that the tool will be able to automatically write messages, notes or even simple replies to send to colleagues, and this, in a few seconds. However, Salesforce is stingy with the details of what kind of message the AI ​​can send.

Slack is a productivity tool used by thousands of companies around the world. The popularity of the application has been revived due to the massive introduction of remote work, which was facilitated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Businesses and organizations who want to access the ChatGPT Beta for Slack can join the waiting list. (New window)

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