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Hi everyone! Welcome to L’Echo’s “Market Live” for this edition of Wednesday, September 29, 2021.

The New York Stock Exchange closed sharply lower on Tuesday amid a rapid rise in bond yields amid inflation fears, which could cause the Federal Reserve to tighten its monetary policy faster than usual. expected. The impact of rising yields on Wall Street is even stronger, weighing primarily on the valuation-adjusted tech sector. The Dow Jones Index fell 1.63%, or 569.38 points, to 34,299.99 points. The largest S & P-500 lost 90.48 points, or 2.04%, to 4,352.63 points. The Nasdaq Composite for its part fell 423.29 points (-2.83%) to 14,546.68 points.

The trend is just as red this morning in Asian markets: the Nikkei 225 falls 2.16% in Tokyo, the Hang Seng loses 0.45% in Hong Kong and the composite index of the Shanghai Stock Exchange gives a 1.79%.

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