Checked in Henin-Beaumont, he was transporting 1 kg of cannabis in his van.

This Wednesday, July 27, 2022, in Henin-Beaumont, the BAC checked a man. He was carrying 1 kg of marijuana in his van. (© National Police 62)

He tried to run… in vain. This Wednesday, July 27, 2022, in Henin-Beaumont, in the Pas de Calais, a man was questioned. In his minibus, a man was transporting 1 kg of marijuana. He was arrested and taken into custody.

The leak went wrong

The Crime Squad (CJB) saw the driver rummaging through the trunk of his company car. When the police tried to check the car, the suspect fled on foot.

He entered a random house and got into a fight with its owner! For their part, the police were able to inspect the van and quickly smelled a strong drug odor. There was a kilogram of cannabis hidden in the trunk.

Moments later, the man was arrested. Placed in police custody, he did not name his sponsors. Rubezen, 21, was a traffic mule. Soon he will be called to the court of Bethune.

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