Chelsea: “Put on **marine game**”, Boeli mad with rage (video)

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Chelsea can’t! Despite more than 600 million euros of investment since acquiring the club last summer, Todd Boly still hasn’t found a smile. The Blues’ American owner looked helpless in his team’s draw against Everton yesterday as Graham Potter’s men took the lead twice. After 27 league days, the residents of Stamford Bridge sit in an alarming 10th place in the Premier League, 11 points behind Tottenham Hotspur in fourth place and currently the final Champions League qualifier next season.

After the meeting, the businessman looked especially upset. In a video posted by a fan, we see him oppose his family’s performance as he exits the stadium: “To hell with *** marine game **.” At the same time, with an investment of more than half a billion euros in less than a year, you can count on just over 10th place in the league. But, as another would say, Rome was not built overnight, and Boeli’s Chelsea are no exception to that famous quote.

To sum up

Todd Boly, owner of Chelsea, was especially furious about his team’s new draw. The video shows him erupting into a verbal outburst after Chelsea’s game against Everton in the Premier League.

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