Chennai teen creates ‘Raffi’ robot with human emotions

A 13-year-old boy from Chennai has developed a robot that can detect when you’re sad and also show your emotions. Prateik, an innovative teen, claimed to have developed a robot that responds to reprimands and can understand human feelings. In addition, this robot can also solve queries. Pratik called his creation “Raffi”. Speaking about Raffi’s robot at ANI, Prateik said he could answer questions. – If you scold him, he will not answer your questions until you apologize. He can even understand you if you are sad,” he said.

In a series of images posted by ANI on Twitter, Prateik poses with his pal Raffi, who is painted white and has a screen built into his torso. It even has a facial recognition camera. Watched:

Netizens were very impressed with Pratik’s efforts to grow up and develop his intelligence at such a tender age. Many praised his creation and expressed hope for the future of Indian technology and technology in India.

“When I was 13, I used to watch Doraemon/Kochikame after I came home from school. This kid works hard,” wrote one user.

“It’s great to see young people taking the time to learn and build complex engineering projects. Probably at this age I got carried away reading the latest comics, ”wrote another.

One user wrote: “There is so much talent in India. I can see how this will unfold over the next ten years as technology reaches the last mile of the entire population, giving them the opportunity to learn and grow!

Another explained: “The CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) he used to track his emotions and feed them to the robot. And in order for the bot to have emotions, it can implement functionality similar to a chat bot, instead of text using audio / video.

So what do you think of this wonderful creation?

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