Chernobylite is coming September 7 to Xbox

The All In editor! Games announces the release date of Chernobylitis on Xbox One and Series X | S. This promising narrative FPS will therefore arrive on September 7th. To accompany the info, a new trailer has been uploaded, visible below.

Fans of the series Metro will surely be interested in this game of the Polish Farm 51… Exclusively solo, it will send you to the Pripyat exclusion zone, a stone’s throw from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Site of the famous nuclear disaster of 1986, of which our customs officers courageously prohibited access to our regions to the radioactive cloud created on the spot. The story will focus on Igor, a man who lost his fiancée during the tragedy. A rare mineral has arisen around the cursed power plant, the Chernobylitis, supposed to give the power to travel in time. Igor hopes to use it to go back up before the drama and see his sweetheart again …

As Metro, Chernobylitis will take place in a post-Soviet world, with accents that go with it. On the other hand, we will be here facing a survival game and not an action game. In any case, the atmosphere seems present and the quality of the production too. Strongly!

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