Cherry MX Black ClearTop Mechanical Switches Coming Early 2023

Keyboard switch maker Cherry this month unveiled its new switch in the form of the MX Black ClearTop. The new mechanical key switches will be available for purchase from distributors worldwide early next year during 2023, and the linear switch features include: 63.5 centineton actuation force, 2 millimeters of pretravel and 4 millimeters of total travel.

Cherry explains a little more: “The switch has been praised by enthusiasts, especially for its smooth, linear typing feel and rich acoustics. Combined with limited availability, the Nixie is considered a variant of the MX that has been highly respected in the community for many years and sells for high prices.”

Cherry MX Black Clear Top 2023

Mechanical switches

“The community name ‘Nixie’ comes from a variant of the classic MX Black, which was specially adapted to the wishes of the former German company Nixdorf Computer AG: the requirement was a milky upper case, an increase in actuation force from 60 to 63.5 centinewtons, and also a relatively rare on that moment solution with a diode built into the switch for nkey rollover, or NKRO for short. The switch was mainly used in Nixdorf CT06CT07/2 M Softkeys for use on minicomputers, servers or terminals. These customer switches were manufactured at the CHERRY factory until the late 1980s, making the Nixie switch an absolute rarity these days, and even used ones are rare to find.”

“By releasing the official and new MX Black ClearTop, CHERRY MX is responding to years of community demand and is relaunching the iconic switch under a different product name to highlight the improvements. During the design and production process, we ensured that the MX Black ClearTop retains the features of the original, while also incorporating all of the modern manufacturing optimizations to move up to the industryleading MX standard. “

With or without factory lubrication

“CHERRY MX Black ClearTop is offered exclusively in a 5pin version with PCB locking pins. There will be a choice between a version with factory lubrication and without it. The first contains a high performance lubricant at selected switch points, applied specifically and with high precision in ideal doses using an automated process. This provides even lower actuation friction with optimized acoustics without adversely affecting typing feel or lifespan. The composition and quality of the lubricant used correspond to the community favorite KRYTOX GPL 205 GRADE 0, which guarantees reliable longterm lubrication. So if you prefer a consistently high quality lubricant and don’t want to make extra changes, this solution is the perfect choice. “

Source: cherry

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