“Children are bigger than children”: the alarming cry of Elon Musk, who fears the collapse of civilization

“We don’t want the population to drop so low that it ends up disappearing,” the Tesla boss worried.

At an energy conference in Norway, Elon Musk was invited to share his opinion on the big problems that humanity will have to face. And for Tesla’s boss, there are two of them: an ecological transition and … a drop in the birth rate. “One of [ses] favorite concerns, perhaps less well-known ones, ”reports the Belgian website 7sur7.

In the words of the richest man in the world, “It is important that people have enough children to perpetuate civilization.” Enough kids, we’ll die moaning (wearing) adult diapers. It will be depressing,” he continued.

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Father of 10 children

“Yes, make more children”he said in conclusion. “At least make enough babies to keep the population going. We don’t want the population to drop so low that it ends up disappearing.” – he asked.

Elon Musk is the father of 10 children, whom he gave birth to from different women.

‘Kids more kids’: Elon Musk is worried about the future of the planet: The richest man in the world, entrepreneur Elon Musk, himself the father of ten children, on Monday called on contemporaries to make ‘more children’, judging by the decline in demographics… https://t. co/FV4G7PlFSe

— 7sur7 (@7sur7) August 29, 2022

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