China: a huge sandstorm “swallows” a city

A huge apocalyptic cloud of sand that devours homes, buildings and factories: this impressive weather phenomenon has been observed in China in Gansu province (northwest), causing pollution and road accidents.

These sandstorms are common in the northern part of the country in the spring. The impressive yellow cloud observed this Sunday in Linze County was immortalized from the sky, giving the measure of the event.

National television CCTV reported several accidents due to poor visibility. Meteorologists have called on residents to stay at home with windows closed, with other similar phenomena expected on Tuesday.

Sandstorms that occur in the country often originate in the Gobi Desert, a huge sandy expanse spread between China and Mongolia.

In March, one of them reached Beijing, the strongest in a decade to strike the capital. The skies had turned yellow, air pollution had surged and airlines had been forced to cancel hundreds of flights.

To curb these storms, the authorities have been reforesting the peripheral areas of the deserts for several decades, in order to create a “Great Green Wall” intended to block the sand.

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