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Blockchain technology is now being used to protect digital copyrights. China recently launched its new copyright protection blockchain. This new technology will reduce the cost of digital copyright protection and improve its efficiency.

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IN CSC wants to make blockchain the perfect tool for copyright protection

IN CSCThe government-affiliated China Copyright Corporation opened the First China Copyright Channel on Tuesday. In accordance with CSC, this new blockchain technology can reduce the number of violations, monitor digital asset documents and issue notifications for the recovery of pirated products. It will also help courts hear claims and resolve certain copyright disputes.

Xiaohong Yang, the president CSC during the forum on innovation and copyright protection, argued that, given its technical characteristics, blockchain is ideal for protecting digital rights… This technology does offer “immutability”, “distributed consensus” and “the ability to find a resource.” IN September 2018, The Supreme People’s Court of China has ruled that the evidence backed by the blockchain is “binding”.

Yuanming Qin, Chief Justice of the Intellectual Property Division CSC, in addition, during the forum they stated that the courts Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing recently turned to blockchain to document court records and conduct some of their meetings.

Blockchain technology at the service of copyright protection

The specificity of copyright lies mainly in its acquisition. Thus, copyright arises only when a work is created. Therefore, it becomes difficult to prove its superiority in relation to counterfeit counterfeiting. However, during a dispute, you may be required to provide proof of the existence of the infringing work on a specific date. Thus, this is the principle of freedom of proof of legal facts. Thanks to blockchain technology, there are many more options for creators who want to protect their work today.

China has indeed faced numerous cases of piracy and criminal offenses, mostly related to digital content. Moreover, frequent regularly reported copyright infringements concern online literature, music and short videos

This is what grows Xiaohong Yang claim that the cost of digital copyright protection will be further reduced thanks to blockchain. According to him, the technology will provide “New ways of collecting evidence, to exchange digital assets and protect the rights of these rightholders ”.

Copyright protection is conditional on proof of the precedence of its rights. Today, blockchain technology is becoming a protection tool that is reforming copyright protection. This is important given the proliferation of counterfeits.

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