China unveils new super-fast train

BEIJING (Reuters) – China on Tuesday unveiled a high-speed train capable of reaching 600 km / h, state media reported.

This German-designed Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) train, developed by China and manufactured in the city of Qingdao, is said to be the fastest land vehicle in the world.

The electromagnetic force allows Maglev trains to “levitate” above a center rail and move without friction or contact.

China has been using this technology for almost two decades, on a very limited scale. Shanghai already has a short rapid train line connecting one of its airports to the city center.

A Maglev train, which travels at 600 km / h, could transport passengers from Beijing to Shanghai in just 2:30 a.m., compared to 3 a.m. by plane and 5:30 a.m. by conventional high-speed train.

Countries like Japan and Germany are also looking to build magnetic levitation train networks, although high costs and incompatibility with current rail infrastructure remain obstacles to rapid development.

(Ryan Woo report; French version Anait Miridzhanian, edited by Sophie Louet)

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